Your registration fee covers your injury insurance premium. CPD Oztag insurance is limited (see 'Insurance cover information' link below) and therefore recommend that all players have their own private health insurance. To support your understanding of what CPD Oztag's policy covers, click the 'Oztag sports injury claims example' link below.


Before making a claim, the injured player must report any injury sustained on the competition night of its occurrence to the convenor immediately. If the player cannot, a representative from the team must do so. If this is not done on the day/night of the injury, the injured player will not be covered. The competition convenor will record the injury on an insurance report,  file it away with a copy sent to head office for record and claim reference puorposes.


For procedures in making an insurance claim, click the 'Insurance cover information' link below. 





The current cover you have under your Association covers you for death (inc permanent disability) and non-medicare medicals (i.e physio, dental etc).

It does not however include loss of income cover.

You can now purchase ‘Loss of income insurance’ for your team at a low cost of $99.00 (incl GST). This can only be done on a team basis not individual.

You can purchase this additional cover by clicking the 'Loss of income cover team rego form' link below - filling out the sheet,  then clicking the 'LOI' link and following the instructions to register it.